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The New England Direct Primary Care Alliance (NEDPCA)

The New England Direct Primary Care Alliance (NEDPCA) was founded by a group of physicians across New England who share the same goal: to spread the word about Direct Primary Care (DPC), an innovative method of health care delivery that has been gaining popularity across the country as a grassroots effort to address many of the problems in our nation’s health care system today. It is our goal to educate the general public, other physicians, physicians-in-training, medical students, employers, and lawmakers about the benefits that DPC can provide.


What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is a new practice model which allows doctors and patients to have a relationship which does not involve insurance companies. Your doctor is employed by YOU. In this alternative payment model, patients pay a monthly membership fee and the doctors provide the professional service. They have a direct relationship with their doctor! 

We can spend MUCH MORE TIME with each patient. Included in the periodic (monthly, quarterly, or monthly) fee, patients have easy access to the physician via phone, email, video chat and in-person visits. There are no co-pays or additional fees for procedures! Many in offices tests are included free with membership. Labs and radiology are offered at deep discounts, up to 90% discount from insurance based prices. In addition to providing accessible, quality health care, Direct Primary Care offices often have medication dispensaries on site which sell medications at wholesale prices*. Medications are purchased in bulk and dispensed at wholesale prices to our patients. 

DPC takes out the middle man, cuts through the layers of complexity and provides good, old-fashioned customer service just like in the golden years of medicine. 

*Dispensing of medications through a doctor’s office is currently not legal in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts